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Here are 5 Handy Tips For Labeling Boxes Bound For Storage Solutions in Orillia

We offer reliable storage solutions in Orillia. RJ Storage is a low-cost solution specifically designed to meet your budget and needs. Part of our service is about providing information that can help make your experience with us convenient and efficient.

That’s why we put together some tips for labeling any boxes that you want to keep in our facility.

  1. Even though you’ll be placing the boxes and one of our storage lockers, it’s important to indicate which room they came from. That makes it easier when you’re moving to put them in their new space. It’s easier to organize at the other end of a move when you’ve labeled the box “Bedroom and/or “Living Room.”
  2. Don’t forget to mark any fragile items in large legible letters with black marker. Here’s another helpful tip — bubble wrap can keep these items safe while they’re being stored. Examples of delicate items can include glass picture frames and drinking glasses as well as plates and artwork.
  3. Directional arrows are always handy because they can show which way the box should be stored. This is an excellent tip for fragile items or the ones that need to be kept upright. Keep in mind that flat boxes are the best solution for mirrors. Wrapping them properly and packing them into these flat boxes means there is less space for them to move around and get broken.
  4. Label the boxes on more than one site wherever that’s possible. This makes it easier to find the ones you want when they get stacked up. Here’s another tip to make sure nothing gets damaged when you’re moving it into or out of one of our storage solutions in Orillia. Put crumpled paper on the inside of glasses to keep them secure before you put them in a box. Don’t forget to use the same material to fill any gaps on the inside of the container.
  5. You should always keep an inventory of the things you keep in storage. Numbering your boxes is a great way to keep everything orderly.

RJ Storage provides storage solutions in Orillia that come in a wide variety of different sizes. Our units have other excellent features like large rollup doors and 24-hour video surveillance. Click the contact button on our website to learn more about what we have to offer.