5 Great Reasons To Use Pallets with Storage Units in Orillia

Using storage units in Orillia to full advantage means always having an eye to improving the safety of your items. One good idea is to use pallets to keep your most precious belongings up and off the ground.

Here are five reasons why you should consider them.

  • Pallets can increase airflow by keeping some items off the floor. This is an essential consideration if you have boxes of kitchenware, electronics and books you want to store. Using wooden pallets this way decreases the chance of mold and mildew forming with humidity changes.
  • There are a variety of pallets for you to choose from, including plastic and wooden options. The ones that are made of wood are the most commonly used. They are resistant to damage, highly reliable, easy to repair, and recyclable. These are excellent for storing items like air conditioners in washing machines. These items can be stored safely on a wooden pallet and moved around quickly if correctly fastened.
  • You can even stack pallets up to make the most of the vertical space in our storage units in Orillia. Boxes like office supplies or household goods can be stocked on pallets for efficient organization and storage.
  • Delicate equipment like televisions and electronics can be stored this way to prevent them from being damaged.
  • Storing items on pallets makes it easier to rearrange things within the storage space and move them when the time comes.

One of our priorities is ensuring you have the information to use our services correctly. That includes knowing when to use a pallet and how to store other goods. Organizing and planning efficiently before storing any of your items is also essential.

Creating an inventory is another essential part of the whole process. Gather supplies first, like a camera or smartphone to take photos and measuring tape.

A General List to Organize The items

Make a general list of the categories and how you plan to organize the items. Once you have a list of what you plan on putting in storage units in Orillia,  you can label the items and boxes with numbers corresponding to your inventory list. Get in touch with us today for any questions you might have.